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Real Estate Cost Segregation in Ohio

Cost Segregation is a powerful tool for Ohio real estate owners to save money on taxes. It increases your cash flow by reducing your taxable income.


The Benefits of Cost Segregation in Ohio.

Identify and Reclassify

We help real estate owners identify faster-depreciating assets and reclassify them into their IRS - approved categories.

Minimize Taxes in Ohio

Cost Segregation reduces your taxable income. You pay less tax and hold on to your money for your next investment.

Increase profitability

Cost segregation can help you maximize the value of your real estate investments and increase profitability

Is Real Estate Cost Segregation available in Ohio?

Cost Segregation is indeed a viable practice to explore for tax benefits in the state of Ohio. This technique allows individuals and businesses to reclassify certain assets to potentially accelerate depreciation deductions. By properly isolating components of a property and assigning shorter depreciation periods, taxpayers in Ohio can significantly reduce their tax liabilities. Several professionals and specialized companies offer Cost Segregation services in the state, enabling taxpayers to navigate this complex and beneficial strategy for maximizing tax savings.

Does Ohio Conform to Federal Bonus Depreciation Rules?

Ohio differs from the federal treatment of bonus depreciation. In Ohio, a Commercial Activity Tax is imposed on gross receipts as an alternative to a corporate income or franchise tax.

However, tax laws and regulations may change over time, so it's essential to verify the current status with up-to-date sources or consult a tax professional.

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Our engineering team performs in-person and virtual site visits in Ohio.

Understanding the intricacies of your site is paramount, and we leave no stone unturned. Our site visits, offered both virtually and in-person, are designed to ensure you receive a comprehensive evaluation, every time.

The Future of Site Visits, Delivered Digitally

With the power of technology, our virtual site visits provides a convenient, efficient, and thorough assessment of your location. Leveraging high-definition video conferencing, interactive tools, and our seasoned team's expertise, we analyze your property from every angle. Perfect for those who appreciate quick turnarounds and minimal disruptions.

White-Glove Precision on Every Visit

Our in-person site visits offer an unparalleled deep dive into your property's specifics. Our experts will walk the grounds, interact with key personnel, and provide firsthand insights, ensuring that every detail is accounted for. It's the traditional approach, redefined with the Recostseg touch.

Case Study: Cost Segregation Study Generates $96,297 in First Year Tax Savings for Ohio Self Storage Warehouse Investment.

This case highlights the tangible advantages of employing strategic tax planning and cost segregation for real estate investors in Ohio's dynamic market, underscoring the importance of informed financial strategies for long-term success.

Property Details

In 2022 our client acquired a Self Storage Warehouse in Ohio for $1,000,000 with the land valued at $65,000. To maximize their investment and optimize tax benefits, they engaged our team to conduct a comprehensive cost segregation study. Our analysis allowed us to identify and accelerate depreciation on various building components.

RE Cost Segregation Results

The results were remarkable, with an impressive 46:1 payback ratio, leading to an estimated first-year tax savings of $96,297. By strategically reclassifying assets and shortening the depreciation timeline, the cost segregation significantly reduced the investor's tax burden and enhanced their overall return on investment.

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Our engineering team performs in-person and virtual site visits in Ohio.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I bought and placed a property in service in 2023, can I still do the cost seg now in 2024?

Yes, The cost segregation study serves as a valuable tool for your CPA to optimize property depreciation. It is a one-time process with no specific timeframe for completion. If you intend to leverage the study for a particular tax filing, it remains valid for that tax year as long as the property was placed in service within that same tax year or prior. The report holds its validity as long as it is submitted before you file your taxes, irrespective of the year in which the study was conducted.

I’m a high W2 earner, can I Cost Seg my property to offset my W2 taxes?

It's essential to differentiate between active income, earned through employment or business activities, and passive income, derived from investments or rental properties. Unless you are a Real Estate professional, you may not apply losses from a Cost Segregation to offset your W2 Income.

However, in the case of short-term rentals, income generated from renting out a property is generally considered passive. Yet, if the taxpayer actively manages and maintains the rental property, there may be an opportunity to offset this passive income against their active income. Consulting with your tax professional is advisable to determine your eligibility for such adjustments.

I am planning to sell my property soon. Does a cost segregation study make sense for me?

If you are planning to sell the property in a taxable transaction a cost segregation study may not make sense because of recapture.

We generally recommend you hold a property for at least 3-5 years. However, if you are planning to enter into a like-kind exchange (non-taxable transfer of your property for another property) you will not have depreciation recapture issues until you sell the replacement property.

I just learned about cost segregation and would like to do it on prior deals. How far back can they be done?

You can have a look-back study done on assets acquired as far back as 1987 and claim the resulting write-offs using the 3115 Automatic Change without amending prior-year tax returns.

There are diminishing returns to performing a study the longer you own and depreciate a property. Contact us to determine if your property is a fit for a cost segregation study.

When should I get a cost segregation study done?

The best time to perform a cost segregation study is within the tax year that the building is purchased or construction is completed.  If you are planning on renovating your property we recommend performing a cost seg prior to those renovations.

What do your services cost?

We pride ourselves on offering affordable cost segregation studies for every budget and property type. Our self-directed Rapid Report (available for smaller residential properties, up to 4 units) is available for $895. Fees for our Fully Engineered Study vary based on square footage, property type and complexity. Compare our cost segregation study services or request a free proposal for your property here.

What types of properties are eligible for Cost Segregation?

Any type of income-producing property placed into service after 1986 qualifies for cost segregation. We frequently work on residential such as short-term rentals as well as commercial projects.